Eastwood Bairnsdale

Crossco Consulting has provided services to Eastwood Corporation (developers of Eastwood) since the commencement of project. 

Services provided by Crossco Consulting to Eastwood Corporation include:

  • All aspects of civil design (roads, stormwater management and treatment, sewer, water, and utilities)
  • Project management
  • Engineers estimates, budgeting, management of bonds
  • Tendering and contract superintending and administration

Eastwood is located to the north of Bairnsdale, and has around 750 developed lots and 700 homes.  Eastwood has grown to a population of nearly 2500 residents and facilities including East Gippsland’s largest primary school, 2 child minding centres, a kindergarten and a veterinary hospital, a shopping centre, a nursing home and a retirement village.

Crossco Consulting is pleased that Eastwood has included in its development; WSUD principles to manage and treat stormwater, 40 hectares of developed public open space, 10 kilometres of walking/cycling tracks and 5 kilometres of deepwater river access with fishing platforms.