Paynesville Canals

Crossco Consulting is proud to be the engineering consultant for the Paynesville Canals project.

The project is located in Paynesville, which is located on the shores of the Gippsland Lakes which are a Ramsar listed wetland. The project was originally conceived during the early 1980s with an Environmental Effects Statement (under the Environmental Effects Act (Vic)) and subsequent Joint Panel of Inquiry (Minister for Conservation, 1983) resulting in the Ministerial approval of the project. Construction on the first stage commenced during 1984. The project has been delivered in stages, with twelve major stages having been completed.

Crossco Consulting’s involvement in the Paynesville Canals project commenced during the mid-1980s and has continued since that time.

Consideration of the natural environment has been critical to the success of the project and resulted in the engineering design successfully achieving the integration of the constructed environment into the natural environment.

The project is complex to deliver with recent stages requiring multiple approvals from Local, State and Federal government Agencies.

Crossco Consulting has been engaged as part of the project team to deliver all civil and environmental engineering aspects of the project.