Project Management

At Crossco we aim to manage projects with a focus on our client’s vision for the project.  Project Management is integral to the Civil Engineering services offered which is the backbone of our business.

To complete a project a complex web of Agency, Authority and infrastructure service provider approvals and co-operation can be required at various phases of a project.  The list of approval requirements is always increasing, and often to secure an approval from one Agency/Authority approval several “approvals” are required within that one Agency / Authority.  The approvals process can be time consuming and requires facilitation to ensure all Agency / Authority / infrastructure service providers have a common view of the project and any conditions that could be placed on approvals issued for the project.

After approvals are obtained the design, tendering, construction, commissioning and hand-over processes require an integrated management approach, including on-going reporting and communication with all project stakeholders.  Authority / Agency / Infrastructure service provider involvement in the project continues through all these phases, often with additional approvals and reporting requirements throughout.  Our project managers can assist a client in managing and ensuring compliance.

Crossco Consulting seek to minimise project costs to our Client by identifying critical tasks and working to reduce the risk of delays and containing / controlling costs.

The Project Management services offered by Crossco Consulting include:

  • Concept planning
  • Development of strategy to deliver project
  • Project Management Plan documentation
  • Project documentation including: Communications Plan, Construction Management Plan, Environment Management Plan
  • Budgeting, cost reporting and cashflow estimates
  • Sourcing and co-ordination of project team and specialist consultants
  • Identification of and liaison with stakeholders
  • Managing information requirements of project team members
  • Continual monitoring of project status
  • Facilitation of planning approvals from Authorities / Agencies
  • Facilitation of design and document approvals from Authorities / Agencies
  • Site monitoring, Superintending contracts and contract administration
  • Monitoring of contractor claims, issuing of contractor payment certificates, practical completion and final completion requests
  • Securing the issue of Certified Plan of Subdivision and Statement of Compliance
  • Facilitation of the return of bonds from Authorities
  • Compliance reporting

Project Management at Crossco Consulting is offered either as a “stand alone” service, or fully integrated into our Civil Engineering services where projects are managed from concept to completion or through any stages required by the Client.

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