Waste Management

The need to minimise waste generation rates and recover and utilise by-products of waste degradation (through alternative waste treatment technologies or modifications to current waste disposal methods) is dictating the future of waste management practices.

Our business can provide advice and solutions for the complete range of waste management issues. We’ll assist you in developing sustainable practices to address your requirements now and into the future.

We work closely with environmental planners, scientists and community consultants to deliver an integrated, full cycle service to our clients.


  • Detailed and conceptual design for landfills, transfer stations, resources recovery facilities, containment cells, leachate and rehabilitation
  • Environmental management including modelling, monitoring, collection, assessments, compliance, industrial (solid/liquid) minimisation and cleaner production
  • Strategic planning for siting, resource and waste management, financial modelling and recycling or resource recovery
  • Legislative approvals and considerations including approvals for environmental planning, and infrastructure siting and operations
  • Alternative waste technologies assessment, selection, concept, design, feasibility and options
  • Auditing for waste and compliance
  • Community consultation
  • Project management
  • Procurement & construction management

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